Thinking about what is the best straightening option for your hair ?

-The main reasons you should consider our Japanese hair straightening is the Longevity, Results & Integrity .

Longevity : Unlike keratin , botox or biotin treatments , the Japanese treatment will permanently stay in your hair until your natural hair regrowth, typically costumers re do the treatment 1 or 2 times a year sometimes even longer.

Results: The Japanese straightening is the treatment with best straightening results, if you are looking to make your hair as straight as possible then there's no other treatment that could compare with our Japanese  treatment. you should still come in for a free consultation to make sure your hair is adequate for the treatment.

Integrity: Hair integrity will not be compromised , your hair will look healthy , shiny and no damage will be done during the treatment. keep in mind that if your hair is already damaged the treatment will not help repairing. we must know your previous colors and treatments done in order to guarantee damage free. thats why a consultation must be done prior your appointment.  

Learn about Yuko:

The Yuko hair system is the original and still the best Hair Straightening system around.  It was created in 1996 in Japan by Yuko Yamashita, a hair stylist and salon owner who wanted to make peoples lives easier when it came to hair care.

What Yuko recognized then, and still holds true today, is that most women want hair that behaves!  They want hair that stays straight, smooth and healthy with a great shine.

Working with Japanese sports and beauty company Phiten, Yuko created the Yuko Hair Straightening System and it has been consistently used in salons across the globe since 1996.



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